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How we celebrate success

OBA regularly celebrates the success and achievements of its students in a variety of different ways.

Our students are recognised on a weekly basis for a range of reasons, effort in class, contribution and participation, outstanding work, sustained progress and achievement. Top housepoint achievers in each House are announced in assemblies, with their names presented on the display screens around the Academy celebrating their successes.

Students who go ‘above and beyond’ are recognised weekly by staff with a postcard, given to them personally, for them to take home and share with their parents. Curriculum staff regularly contact parents by phone to recognise the effort and success of students within their individual subject.

The Principal’s Award is received by students who have been nominated by staff, for grasping Opportunities, showing Belief in themselves and others and for Aspiring to be the best they can possibly be. Students meet with the Principal for personal congratulations, are awarded 10 Housepoints with their names displayed on our website. A formal letter is posted home for parents to celebrate their child’s success.

Housepoint Rewards

Once a student has reached the milestone of 50 housepoints they are able to choose form a range of rewards, from items for individual use such as art sketchbooks to items to share for example lunch with friends. The Reward Booklet has specific rewards for each milestone of 100 – 450 points as students are more successful.

This acknowledgement of student achievement increases student motivation, improves behaviour, attendance and academic achievement.

Achievers Breakfasts
These are run by each House at the end of Autumn and Spring term where a broad range of student personal achievement is recognised.

Afternoon Tea with the Principal
This is run in July where the top achievers of each year group meet and have cakes and tea with the Principal.

Celebration Assemblies
These are run by each House at the end of every term where a broad range of student achievement, both individually and in tutor groups or sporting teams, is recognised and various awards are presented.

Celebration and Presentation Evenings
OBA holds formal Celebration Evenings for KS3, KS4 and KS5 to acknowledge talent and success and celebrate the achievements of our students.

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