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Course information:

GCSE Biology B1 B2 B3

GCSE Chemistry C1 C2 C3

GCSE Physics P1 P2 P3

GCSE Science A B1 C1 P1

GCSE Additional Science B2 C2 P2

Each GCSE is made up of three examinable components, each worth 25% of the overall grade. The final component is a controlled assessment unit that will be taken in class during the year.

Additional Information:

A grade B can lead to studying A levels in any of the Science subjects.

Intervention/Revision sessions:

Extra sessions will be available after school on Thursday in Sc7


Revision guides:

AQA Science GCSE Science A Revision Guide ISBN: 9781408508237

AQA Science GCSE Additional Science Revision Guide Paperback ISBN: 9781408508435

Contact the staff:

Dr Jayne Turner
Head of Department

Exam Dates:

B1 17th May    C1 19th May    P1 25th May

B2 10th June    C2 15th June    P2 17th June

B3 10th June    C3 15th June    P3 17th June

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