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Design & Technology


Design and Technology allows students to learn about new technologies whist developing their own innovative design skills.

Building on skills learnt at Key Stage 3, in GCSE students are taught to design & manufacture products, following well established design processes. This involves following a set brief, spotting gaps in the market, researching, generating and developing ideas & manufacturing prototypes. Students are taught how to present ideas via paper sketching, 2 and 3D computer modelling & how to use a wide range of materials, machines & manufacturing processes. In tandem with two design & make assignments, students are taught appreciation of Design History, Product Evolution & analysis & market research.

Having gained knowledge through assignments in Year 9 &10, Year 11 is largely spent on a set controlled assessment project that is worth 50% of the overall GCSE grade. The remaining 50% is completed via a written examination.

Design and Technolofy requires thought, imagination, practical making abilities, & a clear academic approach to problem solving & research. It is a subject that reflects students’ lives in the study of everyday products that they use & in the environment in which they live.

Contact the staff

Miss R Rhodes
Teacher of Product Design

Mr J Jones
Teacher of Product Design/ Senco

  • Projects: CAD/CAM - Resistant Materials - Toy car/ Headphone Wraps/ Drawing skills
    Materials: : Polymers- Acrylic; Manufactured Boards
    Machines: : Laser Cutter
    Software: 2D Design Tools; Publisher
  • Projects: Resistant Material/ Product Design - pencil box
    Materials: Manufactured Board- Plywood
    Machines: Laser Cutter; Belt Sander; Pillar Drill; Hand Tools
    Software: 2D Design Tools; Publisher
  • Industry projects: Pewter Casting project , Architecture project; Product Analysis- GCSE Experience
    Topics: The Design Process/Product Evolution/CAD -CAM/Material studies/Packaging/Human Factors/Sustainability
    Edexcel-GCSE Design and Technology
  • Industry projects: Designing for a client
    Topics: Business and Enterprise/Design History/Product Evolution/CAD -CAM/Material studies/Packaging/Human Factors/Sustainability
    Edexcel-GCSE Design and Technology
  • Controlled Assessment Projects (60%) - OCR GCSE Product Design Exam Preparation (40%)
  • Past Exam Papers

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