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Learning Support Base


The Enhanced Resource Provision in the Academy provides teaching and support for 35 students who either have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or require additional academic help or specialised input for many reasons. The range of difficulties is broad, from mild to moderate learning difficulties, pupils with medical conditions and those with emotional and social difficulties In addition to the Enhanced Resource Provision, students with either Statements or SEN, are supported within our mainstream setting.

Students may be withdrawn from mainstream English classes and taught English in the learning support base or they may benefit from extra support in mainstream classes. Students without a Statement who require extra help with their literacy are selected to join literacy workshops. Other groups are offered to selected students, such as social skills and mentoring for students with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Our nurture group ‘Pioneers’ is made up from selected students who struggle to access some curriculum areas. These students receive a differentiated programme for KS3. Teaching Assistants work alongside the teaching staff in many classes. Individual Educational Plans are provided for Statemented students only or those awaiting Statutory Assessments and their targets are reviewed termly.

  • Level 1 – 2c S Deoraj – Autobiography / Everyone Can Read / Phonics / Basic Skills

    Level 2b – 3c P Yallup – Autobiography / Quest / Comprehension / Spelling / Skills

    Level 3c – 3a J Wilderspin – The Quest / Fairy Story writing / Autobiography / Attack / Comprehension /Skills

    D Murray – Pioneer group. Additional literacy / Conversational French / Life Skills

  • Level 1c – 2b P Yallup – Daydreamer / Pinballs / Comprehension / Spelling Skills

    Level 2a – 3b H Cooper & K Birch – Private Peaceful / Attack / Comprehension

    Level 3c – 3a J Wilderspin – Pinballs / Daydream / Pirates / Attack / Comprehension Skills

    D Murray – Pioneer group. Additional literacy / Historical figures / Countries around the world / Life Skills

  • Level 2c – 3c H Cooper & K Birch – Romeo & Juliet / Oliver / Comprehension / Attack

    Level 2a – 4c P Yallup – Goodnight Mr Tom / Poetry / Comprehension / Spelling

    Level 3c – 4c J Wilderspin – Stone Cold / A Christmas Carol / Macbeth / Romeo and Juliet / Attack / Comprehension Skills

    D Murray – Pioneer group. Additional literacy / Life Skills / IT Skills / Asdan projects.

  • Grades E/F/G – J Wilderspin - Edxcel GCSE 2013/14 Selected D Units 1/2/3 Creative writing Speaking & Listening x3 / Anthology / Of Mice and Men / Macbeth

    AQA English Entry Level 1 – 3 (students that obtain below level G GCSE) – P Yallup

  • AQA English Entry Level 1 – 3 (students that obtain below level G GCSE) – P Yallup

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