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Dance is an exciting, creative and stimulating subject taught in a purpose built dance studio. Within lessons we work to develop a range of transferable skills which include team work, creative thinking, analysis, co-ordination, spatial awareness and confidence. Some students have prior experience of dance therefore; we introduce different dance genres, cultures and specific choreographic styles to challenge students to move out of their comfort zones.

Students are given the opportunity to learn and explore a range of dance styles in order to expand their understanding of dance as a creative subject. Students will have the chance to develop creative thinking, performance and choreographic skills throughout the course. Lessons are highly practical, allowing pupils to experience first-hand a broad range of dance skills, whilst also supporting health and well-being in a positive learning environment.

GCSE Dance helps students develop physical, technical and expressive skills as well as knowledge and understanding of dance through performance, choreography and critical appreciation of professional dance. The new GCSE Dance specification enables students to:

1. increase their confidence and self-esteem
2. employ the skills of problem solving and creativity
3. make knowledgeable decisions about dances.
4. learn and perform a range of dances in a range of styles
5. improve health and fitness through technical study and performance
6. understand the choices made by professional choreographers when creating work, and apply this to their own choreographic work
7. visit theatres to watch live professional dance

Contact the staff

Mr J Hate
Head of Performing Arts

Ms N Grant
Administrator, Teacher of Performing Arts

Mr S Murphy
Artistic Director, Teacher of Performing Arts

Mr D McMillan
Teacher of Drama, Head of Endeavour House

Mr A Thorpe
Teacher of Performing Arts, Assistant Principal

Mrs A Wardell
Teacher of Performing Arts, Head of Challenger House

Mrs M Cosford
Curriculum Assistant

Mrs H Colbran
Teacher of Music, Assistant Principal

Mr D Leighton
Teacher of Music & Music Technology

  • Dance Drama Music
    Social games
    Martial Arts
    Performance piece
    Social games
    Script work
    Elements of music
    Performance skills
    Riffs/Dance music & technology
    Programme Music
    Gamelan Music
  • Dance Drama Music
    Performance piece
    (choreography & Performance)
    Script work
    Physical theatre
    Keyboard & notation skills
    Form & Structure
    Dance music
    Performance skills/Reggae
  • Dance Drama Music
    Single Sex
    Film project
    Physical theatre
    Dance technique
    Script work
    Rock n Roll
    Song writing
    Ground bass & variations
    Performance skills & Film music
  • Dance Drama Music
    Year 10
    Set Study
    Year 11
    Year 10
    Exploration of drama
    Year 11
    Live review
    Listening & Appraising
    (Western classical music 20th Century music Popular Music World Music)
  • Exploring the world of Performing Arts

    Performing Arts will help you to become an articulate, critical, independent and self‐initiating individual by developing a range of transferable skills, including the ability to:
    • work practically as an individual and in groups
    • research and present complex information
    • document and record ideas and information
    • take responsibility for your own ideas and respond creatively to the ideas of others
    • work to a deadline
    • communicate and write clearly
    • practise self‐discipline
    • Progression : The qualification will carry UCAS points equivalent to 1 or 2 A levels (dependent on course size) and is recognised by higher education providers as contributing to meeting admission requirements. In addition to the performing arts sector‐specific content, this qualification provides students with the opportunity to develop all‐round performance skills and transferable skills such as self‐confidence, self‐ presentation, personal discipline, time management and organisational skills which are highly regarded by higher education and employers. Former students have gone on to study a diverse range of courses at university such as; Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance, Education, Journalism and Broadcasting, Psychology, Law, Politics, Philosophy, Media, Arts Therapy and many more.

    Entry Requirements

    Entry Requirements It is expected that students will have achieved five GCSE passes at Grade C or above, including English. It is advisable to have studied at least one art form (dance, drama or music) at GCSE level . Where a GCSE or equivalent qualification in an art form is not held an audition may be necessary.

    • Mandatory units focus on: Research, critical analysis and extended writing skills that aim to support students’ progression to higher education. Students will develop their understanding of the work of influential practitioners to inform their own work and practice.
    • An introduction to the performing arts where students will develop the appropriate skills and techniques in various performance disciplines.
    • Group performance, where students will explore and integrate creative, physical and vocal skills and techniques, working collaboratively to create a performance from a stimulus. Confidence in front of an audience, problem solving (refining the process) and teamwork are key.
    • Students also select optional units. These units cover acting, dance and musical theatre topics.

    Useful Information

    62% of large companies have recruited employees with a BTEC qualification. Source: YouGov® research (Large Businesses, Feb 2011) which is great for employers and for a professional body like ourselves, that students coming to us will, we can be certain, have similar levels of knowledge skills and understanding in similar areas. John Cunningham, Head of Qualifications, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

    With input from over 5,000 teachers, employers and higher education institutions, the new BTEC Nationals in Performing Arts combine up-to-date industry knowledge with the right balance of the practical, research and behavioural skills you need to succeed in higher education and the industry.

    Please note the course includes mandatory theatre trips to embed learning and expand knowledge of professional practitioners. You will also participate in workshops with visiting professional practitioners in a range of disciplines.

    As most of the units studied have a practical focus you will be expected to rehearse during extra-curricular time. This could be to consolidate on progress from within lessons, or to continue devising work in preparation for teacher assessments.

    Need Further Information?

    Mr J Hate
    Head of Performing Arts

    Mr A Thorpe
    Teacher of Performing Arts
    Assistant Principal

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