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Academy Ethos & Values

The Ormiston Bushfield Academy will act as a catalyst to further raising achievement in the Orton community and also make a positive contribution to the educational outcomes for the whole family of Peterborough schools. The Ormiston Bushfield Academy will create a learning environment where valuing and caring for the individual are at the centre of our priorities. Each of the four houses will be staffed by a team of tutors and support staff and therefore each individual will be well known and well cared for. Older students will support younger students in all aspects of their care & welfare and guidance.

The focus is very much on providing learning opportunities which excites, motivates and challenges students and encourages lifelong learning and an interest in the world around them. We want students to be happy and able to realise their full potential whilst demonstrating diligence, self -discipline, good manners and a concern for others.

The vision of the Ormiston Bushfield Academy will be based on the characteristics of:

  • Shared Community Values and Raised Aspirations.
  • Personalisation of Learning, leading to the Empowerment of Learners.
  • Strong links with local Commerce, Industry and Business, making a significant contribution to the further regeneration of the Ortons.
  • Inspirational Leadership.
  • Extensive Support for the Full Inclusion of all Individuals and Groups.
  • Extended School Provision with a Comprehensive Range of Community Services.
  • Best Performance in All Aspects of the Academy's Work.

The Academy will take a student centred and personalised approach to learning which will recognise and value the skills and talents of each individual. The pervading culture of the Academy will be one in which every student feels that they can succeed and in which their aspiration to be lifelong learners will be supported and encouraged. In addition we believe in and are committed to the development of the whole child, nurturing their personal and social skills, sense of enquiry, as well as their resilience to face life's challenges.

The Academy and the Ormiston Trust, its sponsor, fully endorse the academic, Vocational, social and moral development of students in such a way that they emerge as independent, responsible and co-operative young people, ready to make a positive contribution.

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