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Most Able and Talented

At Ormiston Bushfield Academy we believe that all students are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop to their full potential: be that intellectual, physical, aesthetic, creative, emotional, spiritual or social; or to support them in finding appropriate challenge in our learning environment.

A “Most Able” learner is one who has significant abilities in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum, excluding art or design, music and PE. They are a perceptive, resourceful, autonomous and flexible thinker, one who has a thirst for knowledge and a want to succeed. At Ormiston Bushfield Academy, we support, nurture and stretch this Most Able learner to achieve above and beyond.

“Talented” learners are those who have unique abilities in art and design, music, PE and performing arts. Not only are our Talented learners identified within school, they are also recognised as Talented if they play a sport at county level or higher, compete in competitions regularly, or perform in dramatics.

Not only do we take into consideration our students’ KS2 scores and CATs scores and provide provisions for those on the register via data, we also break our Most Able and Talented students into separate strands in order to recognise and cater to their specific academic, creative and sporting needs, which are done through teacher, parent or peer nomination

If you believe your child may be Most Able and Talented, you may nominate your child using the online procedure. This nomination is sent directly to the Most Able and Talented Co-ordinator. An example of a nomination may come from the parent of a student who competes at a high level in a sport outside of school.

Most Able and Talented Strands:

  • GA gifted academically
  • GT multiple gifts or talents
  • GE gifted emotionally
  • TS talented in sport
  • TA talented in art
  • TD talented in drama
  • TM talented in music

Our Most Able and Talented learners have the opportunity to join MENSA; to join The Burnet News Club; to work alongside Student Leadership and much more.

Growing up as a most able and talented child should be wonderful and exciting – opportunities to question and then to challenge the outcome should enhance learning; it is both a personal and shared effort and one which we create around the needs of the individual.

Miss R Houghton

Most Able and Talented Co-ordinator

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