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Life After Levels

A quick guide to Ormiston Bushfield Academy’s KS3 Assessment

Life after Levels

The Background
In 2014, the government removed National Curriculum Levels for KS3 (Year 7-9). Schools across the country have been working on new ways to assess progress and attainment at KS3 so that students and their parents know how well they are doing and how to improve.


Every subject has devised a subject specific progression grid that shows the different skills students need to master to be successful in their subject.

Within each stage there is a clear description of the skills students are expected to demonstrate to achieve that descriptor. Once a student has demonstrated the skills needed, they need to look at the next stage to see how they improve their work and what they need to do to make more progress.

Each progression grid focuses on skills needed in GCSE, so making progress in KS3 really will improve their performance in GCSE and KS4.

Targets are set from KS2 prior data, but whilst students are given a target grade, they are encouraged to exceed this and can look at the next stage to easily see what they need to do next.

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