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Parents Evenings

These evenings offer you the opportunity to discuss your childs progress with their subject and form tutors. Before each evening the Student Progress Leader will write to you again, you will then be able to make appointments with teaching staff online using the Academy Parents Evening Booking System. Please remember that the meetings are from 3.45pm to 6.30pm.

The dates of this years parent consultation evenings are:

Event Date
House Pastoral Evening Enterprise & Endeavour 25th September 2018
House Pastoral Evening Challenger & Discovery 27th September 2018
Year 6 Open Evening 4th October 2018
Year 11 Subject Parents’ Evening 11th October 2018
Year 12 & 13 Parents’ Evening 1st November 2018
Sixth Form Open Evening 7th November 2018
KS4 Celebration of Achievement 12th November 2018
Year 8 Parents’ Evening 6th December 2018
Year 8 Options Evening 24th January 2019
Year 11 Parents’ Evening 14th February 2019
Year 9 Subject Parents’ Evening 28th February 2019
Sixth Form Parents’ Evening 7th March 2019
Year 7 Subject Parents’ Evening 4th April 2019
Year 10 Subject Parents’ Evening 2nd May 2019
KS3 Celebration of Achievement Evening 8th July 2019

In addition a progress report with your child’s most recent assessments will be sent home towards the end of each term.

If you are not able to attend a particular evening your childs Student Progress Leader can be contacted and arrangements made for you to meet with specific staff.

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