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Post 16 Admissions

All students on the academy’s roll in year 11 will be entitled to continue their education at the Academy into year 12 provided they meet the minimum criteria for any course/s they wish to follow.

External students will be admitted into year 12 or 13, if the PAN is not reached by internal students. In this case, applications from individual students who meet the minimum criteria for their preferred course/s will be considered.

The academy will publish specific criteria in relation to minimum entrance requirements for the 6th form and for the range of courses available based upon GCSE grades or other measures of prior attainment. The criteria are the same for internal and external students. These will be published on the academy website on the online application page for post 16 students

The PAN for both years in the 6th form is 100.

Where the academy determines that there are one or more vacancies, an offer of admission to the relevant year group will be made in respect of all applications subsequently received up to the limit of available vacancies

OBA will first accept all students with a statutory right to a place at the academy through a statement of special educational needs naming the academy. After this the following criteria will be used

  1. “Looked After” children or previously “Looked After” children
  2. Proximity of a child’s home to the Academy

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