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Managing your revision

Knowing that you’ve organised your revision and have a plan of action can be a tremendous relief. If you plan a revision timetable carefully, you can manage your workload, plan time to relax, play sports or whatever you like to do to unwind, and reward yourself for working hard.

The following sites offer useful tips on how to revise and how to plan your own revision timetable.

Top tips on how to make the most of your revision time.

Two months to go: how to start planning your revision now ready for the end of May.

An excellent website by Collins, the educational publishers. Includes a revision timetable creator that does some of the work for you! It takes a couple of minutes to register, but is worth the effort.

Student-friendly tips on how to prepare for your exams without getting stressed.

Want to check when your exams are? If you’re sure which exam board sets your exams, use this BBC site to find out how much time you’ve got to prepare for each paper.

Learning and testing yourself

What do you do if you missed vital lessons, or weren't paying attention, or lost the notes? It's not too late to catch up on missed topics, if you know where to look.

Once you think you've learned the material, how do you check? Asking other people can to test you can be daunting, but you can always ask a website to do it for you.

An excellent website by Collins, the educational publishers. Great online tests to help you check your knowledge in English, Maths and Science. It takes a couple of minutes to register, but is worth the effort.

Detailed study notes on Maths and Science. You can even download lessons to your mobile phone (why do you think they’re not allowed in exams!) at http://lgfl.skoool.co.uk/futureskoool.aspx?id=91

Skoool’s Key Stage 4 section has detailed maths and science lessons exploring all the major principles. If you missed a few classes, start from scratch with this section. The lessons even talk to you.

S-Cool revision guides cover Biology, Chemistry, English, Food Tech, French, Geography, German, Maths, PE and Physics.

Revision skills

These links were all found and recommended by Year 11 students.

Study and revision skills site designed for GCSE students. Easy to read, and a great guide to exam preparation.

Revision skills guide for University students. May be a bit advanced, so pick and choose what suits you.

Three pages of revision tips for GCSE Students

Take a revision break

Short, sweet revision notes on a range of subjects.

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