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Student Leadership

Hi, we are Ben and Laura, Head Boy and Girl at Ormiston Bushfield Academy. We joined OBA Sixth Form at the beginning of September 2016.

Our Sixth Form advocates independence and responsibility, and we really enjoy the variety of opportunities that allow us to exercise our leadership skills. Having the duty to represent student voice, means our Sixth Form caters to every individual’s interests, making it an enjoyable and personal experience for everyone.

Student Leadership

The Sixth Form tutors provide excellent support and guidance in our decisions regarding higher education and Post 18 options, making our future planning exciting and motivating.

Due to the close working relationship between the Senior Leadership and Student Voice team, we have been able to voice our ideas about how to enhance our learning environment. Such changes have been made like the creation of the student voice room, new IT equipment and altering ways of improving student lifestyle to cater for the ever-growing Sixth Form.

The Sixth Form is a real community, with plenty of opportunities for both years to interact between themselves, and with the rest of the school too. Whilst taking a break from your studies, you can enjoy a coffee at Refuel or take part in many of the extra-curricular activities the Academy has to offer.

Ormiston Bushfield Academy has a place for everyone, from the amazing science labs to the outstanding TV studios, we have the facilities and the support for students to make the most out of their time at Sixth Form.

We look forward to welcoming you to continue with your studies!

~ Ben and Laura

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