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Talented Students at OBA

At OBA we believe that all children are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential

  • Be that intellectual, physical, aesthetic, creative, emotional, spiritual or social
  • And to support them in finding appropriate challenge in our learning environment

All students have individual needs, which put personalised learning at the heart of our teaching and learning.

OBA is committed to providing a sufficiently challenging curriculum for all its students.  In addition, we will provide opportunities to identify and in turn nurture those who are Talented and to seek to identify Gifted and Talented students that are currently under achieving.

We will strive to identify and support pupils who are Gifted and Talented in the following areas:

  • Linguistic (facility with language) mathematical/logical (reasoning, organisation, calculation, abstract, and structured thinking) naturalistic awareness (awareness of the natural world, collecting, categorising, analysing)
  • Physical/Kinaesthetic E.g.: physical skills, hand eye, co- ordination, aspect of sport, dance
  • Aesthetic/Musical Auditory E.g.: skill with rhythm, pitch and musical patterns, visual art and drama.
  • Mechanical/Visual/Spatial E.g.: Ability to think in pictures/mental images, use of movement to assist learning (dance, drama, art, design technology)
  • Social Skills (inter/intra personal) E.g.: Skills in communication, leadership, sensitivity to others, self- awareness, self -motivation and direction.

All students have an entitlement to the following:

  1. Staff commitment and training to develop students’ full potential at all times.
  2. Lessons that stimulate, engage, challenge, inform, excite and encourage through partnership, dialogue with teachers and other students and active participation in lessons.
  3. Courses that lead to examinations and accreditation.
  4. Skilled, well prepared and informed teachers who have a perspective and understanding of whole school policies relating to those students identified as Gifted and Talented.
  5. Experiences beyond subject teaching including preparation for adult life and the world of work.  This should include extra -curricular activity, personal and social education, careers guidance and counselling, visits to local industry, work experience, school trips and residentials.
  6. Beyond the school master classes, summer schools, specialist clubs and teams.
  7. Encouragement to enter local and national events/competitions.
  8. Use of outside agencies to support the school, parents/carers and students.

Visual and Performing Arts have a running programme of events for the ‘Talented Group’.  In 2013/14 these have included poetry, puppetry, rapping and drama workshops with visiting professionals, Trinity Guildhall examinations, Performances of ‘Cats The Musical’ and a prop and set making day. A week long residency is planned for July 2014.

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