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Initial Teacher Education

The academy has a long history of working with teacher Training providers and in particular 'The Cambridge Partnership.

The school's primary aim is....." to provide high quality teaching and learning in a caring environment to develop the potential of all our students" and we believe initial teacher training contributes directly to that aim.

Aims and Purpose

We aim to provide high quality initial teacher education across all curriculum areas. In doing so we believe initial training will have a significant impact on....

  • Improvement in teaching and learning
  • Professional development for teachers,particularly those mentors working with initial trainees
  • The learning of students
  • Developing our role as Investors in people organisation
  • The development and support given to newly qualified teachers
  • The recruitment of high quality ,well qualified specialist teachers

Trainee program

All trainees attending OBA will have a comprehensive induction program.
A weekly Professional studies program which covers a diverse range of topics to add a theoretical element to the trainee practice.
In addition a range of other training activities are laid on at the request of identified needs.

2019/20 Places Available

School direct salaried
  • Chemistry
  • English

School direct training
  • Art and Design
  • Chemistry
  • Dance/li>
  • English
  • Geography
  • Maths
  • MFL
  • PE
  • Physics

Please note when applying to UCAS OBA comes under Springwood school.

Useful Links
www.education.gov.uk/ teachregister
A guide to schools direct
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