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Performing Arts


The Performing Arts are an exciting, creative and stimulating range of subjects taught in a purpose built rooms. Within lessons learners work to develop a range of transferable skills which include team work, creative thinking, analysis, communication, co-operation, problem solving and general confidence. Some learners may have prior experience of the Performing Arts, therefore we introduce different styles and genres, cultures and specific professional styles to challenge learners to move out of their comfort zones.


Learners are given the opportunity to study and explore a range of different styles in order to expand their understanding of the Performing Arts as a range of creative subjects. Learners will have the chance to develop creative thinking, performance and creative skills throughout the course. Lessons are highly practical, allowing learners to experience first-hand a broad range of skills. Lessons in Dance, Drama and Music are taught weekly by subject specialist teachers, and learners have the opportunity to attend extra-curricular clubs, learn an instrument with visiting professional tutors, and take part in the many academy performance events.


Learners have the opportunity to study a range of subjects to gain a Level 2 qualification through the following subjects:

  • GCSE Dance
  • NCFE Performance Skills – Acting
  • GCSE Music
  • BTEC Level 2 Performing Arts – Musical Theatre
  • RSL Music Production

How can you support your child’s progress?

At KS3 you can support your child by ensuring they complete homework tasks including: researching performance styles, completing rehearsal tasks, completing online spelling tests and topic tests, and completing performance evaluations. These will all support your child in learning key vocabulary and expanding their knowledge and understanding of the Performing Arts.

At KS4, learners are encouraged to work independently, which includes: re-writing lesson notes and creating revision posters and cue cards, rehearsing performance work for practical assessment, and trying to see as much live performance work as possible. This will all support their understanding of professional practice, and help them to discuss and critique professional performance in preparation for their practical and written exams.

Club Title Information ( open to ? When? Where?)
Dance Club

Drama Club

School Production

Creativity Evening

Every Monday after school from 3 – 4.15pm
Open to all students, Please bring dance/PE kit

Every Wednesday from 3pm – 4pm
Open to all students, Please bring practical kit

Auditions open in September
Rehearsals run October to March, Performance week runs in March

Last week of June each year
Students can submit their own work to be performed within the event.

Contact the staff

Mr J Hate
Head of Performing Arts

Mr D McMillan
Teacher of Drama, Head of Endeavour House

Mr A Thorpe
Teacher of Performing Arts, Assistant Principal

Mrs A Wardell
Teacher of Performing Arts, Head of Challenger House

Mrs M Cosford
Curriculum Assistant

Mrs H Colbran
Teacher of Music, Assistant Principal

Mr D Leighton
Teacher of Music & Music Technology

  • Half Term Dance Drama Music
    HT 1
    HT 2
    HT 3
    HT 4
    HT 5
    HT 6
    Intoduction to dance/baseline test
    Afro-Caribbean Dance
    Cartoon Capers
    Street Dance
    Introduction to drama/baseline test
    Introduction to scripted theatre
    Devising from stimuli
    Creating from stimuli
    Final Performance untit
    Musical elements/baseline test
    Keyboard skills/notation
    Composition from screen
    Remix unit
    Song Writing
  • Half Term Dance Drama Music
    HT 1
    HT 2
    HT 3
    HT 4
    HT 5
    HT 6
    Musical Theatre
    Matthew Bourne: The Car Man
    Bollywood Dance
    Urban Dance
    Scripted Theatre
    Physical Theatre
    Creating from stimuli & understanding staging
    Final Performance untit
    Guitar Technique
    Advanced Keyboard skills/notation
    Composition from Adverts
    Rap and Lyric writing
    Ground based composition
  • GCSE Dance NCFE Performance Skills - Acting GCSE Music BTEC Musical Theatre RSL Music Production
    Introduction to performance skills, solo and group performance elements, theoretical study on three professional works.
    Stanislavski and Brecht advanced study, developing performance skills, and performing to an audience.
    Composition and performance technique, areas of study: vocal music.
    Introduction to Musical Theatre, professional study on styles and practitioners, skill development, investigating professional work.
    Music technology basics, study on Garage band, pod cast and recording/editing
  • GCSE Dance NCFE Performance Skills - Acting GCSE Music BTEC Musical Theatre RSL Music Production
    Developing performance skills, Performance in a Duo/Group, Solo Performance, introduction to choreography, theoretical study on three professional works.
    Performing arts business and working within the profession, devising from stimuli, developing advanced performance skills.
    Composing to a brief, performance in an ensemble, areas of study: Stage and Screen and Instrumental music.
    Developing skills in Musical Theatre, audition techniques, performance reqertoire in a group and as a soloist.
    Creating tutorial on running a recording session, track mixing, full band recording.
  • GCSE Dance NCFE Performance Skills - Acting GCSE Music BTEC Musical Theatre RSL Music Production
    Choreography coursework, Group and Solo performance exam, written exam preparation.
    Performing arts business and working within the profession 2, devising from stimuli, final performance unit.
    Completing composition coursework (set by exam board), performance skill development and final performance exam, areas of study: Fusions.
    Final performance exam (devised/scripted) based on the brief set by the exam board.
    Coursework: recording, track mixing, full band recording.

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