Work Experience

All students in Year 10 and Year 12 will participate in a one week block work placement.

The dates for work experience in 2024 are as follows:

  • Year 10 May
  • Year 12 July

Applying For and Managing Your Work Placements

  • Work placements are sourced by the students, with the support of the Year 10 tutor team
  • Placements are managed and authorised by the Academy through the Unifrog platform
  • Prior to the week of work placement, a series of preparation lessons take place in school
  • During the week, students are contacted at their place of work by a member of staff to monitor progress and offer support
  • Students review the work experience and complete a placement journal
  • The work experience programme is seen to develop the key skills required for the work place, such as communication, group work, reliability, initiative and self-confidence

Data taken from Year 10 2023 work placement student evaluations.