OBA Strategy 2021 - 2025

In September 2021 over 1,050 students will be starting the academic year at Ormiston Bushfield Academy.  Some will be at the very start of their Secondary education journey with us, some will be starting KS4 with new courses and subjects as part of their GCSE study.  Others will be beginning the final stage of their Secondary Education, either staying with us after successful GCSE outcomes, or joining us from another school.  For one group of students, this academic year is the culmination of 13 years of hard work and commitment to their own education before moving onto university, employment or vocational training.

This strategy outlines the vision for our students. Our students and their individual successes sit at the heart of everything we do – with our mission statement – Opportunity, Belief, Aspiration – defined by the community and families that we serve.  Our students’ future success is the motivation for everyone who works at Ormiston Bushfield Academy and the Ormiston Academies Trust.

Following the unprecedented challenges faced during the COVID pandemic, we now, more than ever, recognise that nothing in the future is predictable.  We are preparing our students for a world of uncertainty and an increasing need for resilience. Our aim is to further equip them with essential knowledge and skills that allow them to enjoy success in a variety of ways in their futures beyond Bushfield.

At the heart of everything we do are three strands: Opportunity, Belief and Aspiration. We are dedicated in ensuring that every student who enters our Academy, at whatever stage of their education, should have:

  • The opportunity to experience a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum supported by a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular experiences.
  • The belief in themselves that they are capable of achieving at the highest levels and can positively contribute to our Academy and the wider community.
  • The aspiration to push beyond perceived limitations and to challenge themselves to be the best possible version of themselves.

We are fortunate that these key commitments are built on the shoulders of our 120 staff and within the support of over 5,000 staff members of the Ormiston Academies’ Trust.  Each and every staff member has chosen to work in a profession that supports, guides and challenges the next generation.  There is an unwavering belief that education makes anything possible and that every child is important.  This strategy looks to harness and synchronise the commitment of our colleagues, implementing a co-ordinated approach that will successfully serve its purpose of meeting the needs of our students in an ever-changing world.

OBA shares the responsibility of its demographic with the community it serves and in doing so each student gains importance, expectation and worth.