Computing and IT

Computers and technology are ubiquitous in the modern world and digital literacy is essential for the productive and responsible use of computer equipment, tools and information. Whether it’s learning  to search the internet effectively or identify cybersecurity threats, modelling data or developing a mobile app, the knowledge and skills required within the IT industry are diverse and it’s important that students have the opportunity to explore a rich variety of software and topics within the subject. As well as providing students with practical skills for home, school and the workplace, the study of computing and IT also fosters a mindset of critical and creative thought, problem solving and resilience. These are highly valuable and transferable skills that promote independence and success across all subject areas.

IT and computer science are open to all students and the broad topics taught throughout KS3 provide a wealth of opportunities for students to identify where their interests and aptitudes lie. Students at all levels are encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively in lessons with additional support provided for those who need it and plenty of challenge for our highest achievers. Women continue to be under-represented in computer science and other STEM industries and within the department we are particularly keen to promote the subject to girls with an interest in computers and technology.

As a paperless department the different topic areas of the curriculum are delivered through 100% electronic tools and resources. Within many of these topics students are required to research and investigate using online websites and articles. This is particularly relevant to KS4 and KS5 study around the topics of cybersecurity, legislation and ethics. Independence is strongly encouraged and  students have access to a range of online resources to support extra-curricular development of knowledge and skills, particularly in the areas of programming and website development.

Recommended Reading

From programming and cybersecurity to manufacturing and gaming, Computing and IT is a broad subject with applications across a wide range of industries. Our curriculum is designed to reflect this with a diverse range of topics that promote curiosity, investigation and problem solving and guide students towards a wider understanding of the role of computers in the modern world. In addition to timetabled lessons students can attend extra-curricular clubs and learn highly practical industry-based skills in topics such as programmable devices, 3D modelling and 3D printing in collaboration with other STEM subjects. For students taking GCSE Computer Science there is an opportunity to visit Bletchley Park and explore the history and development of encryption and cryptography.

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