More Able

More Able

At OBA, we pride ourselves on our commitment to raising the aspirations of our students and our belief that every young person has the ability to achieve great things. Through our academic and extra-curricular provision, we cater for students of all abilities and offer a wider range of experiences to prepare students for their future beyond education.

I am writing to you today to introduce myself in my capacity as More Able Coordinator at OBA and to give you some information about how we support your child as a More Able learner.

We identify students who we feel are our most able to ensure there is sufficient stretch and challenge for them in lessons, and to ensure they have a range of opportunities to extend their learning. Year 6 SATs scores are used as the basis for this, but we also work within subject teams to identify students who are excelling in our subjects and ensure they are supported to make further progress.

For Year 9 students and their families, deciding which GCSE options to choose can be an interesting and exciting time, but it can also bring up some worries and concerns about how best to plan for the future.

To support you and your child at this time, the More Able Coordinator will be available at the Year 9 Options Evening to discuss any of the following areas with you and your child:

  • The different academic pathways your child could follow at GCSE and A Level and how they link to different careers.
  • Planning for further study at University or through Apprenticeships.
  • How your child can develop academic study skills to maximise their GCSE grades.
  • How to support your child with academic pressures.

Over the course of this academic year, this page will be updated with more information about additional opportunities for More Able learners in different year groups. If you would like to discuss the provision for More Able students in more detail, please email the More Able Coordinator at [email protected].