Art and Photography

Art and photography are an important element of our daily lives. The context of artwork allows us to understand different time periods and how they evolved as well as new techniques that were created during that time. Exposing students to art from different eras is important to develop their creativity and exploration of techniques. 

The concept behind artists’ work is important to develop students’ understanding of the world around them and how real-life events impact and influence artists and photographers. Discussing the concept behind art work allows students to think outside the box, learning how to read an image. 

Allowing students to explore their own vision and be creative means that art and photography are an essential part of the OBA curriculum. The subject provides students with the freedom to express their ideas and thoughts. Students acquire new skills learning how to use different materials and techniques. Selecting and experimenting with equipment to gain an understanding of the qualities and how to use them effectively. 

At OBA we encourage students to explore their creativity and enjoy the creative process art and design provides. 

As part of students timetable since year 7 all students have the chance to study art and design in key stage 3 and our key stage 4 & 5 lessons are welcome to continue the subject further.  Lessons are structured to support all students’ abilities both practically and analytically. The subject lends itself well to visual demonstrations, a staple in the department, as well as breaking down instructions into chucks for students. The most able students are stretched and challenged by exploring more advanced materials and artists. We ensure that all art and design lessons meet the needs of our students and that they have the same experiences in the department.

Across all our key stages reading for betterment is an important element of study. Reading in art and photography allows students to gain an understanding of the concepts and context of artwork and different art periods. This helps students develop their own work thinking about the interpretation of their own pieces. 

Recommended Reading:

The best way to broaden students’ minds in art  and photography is looking at gallery websites. The Tate in particular is a great way to read about different art movements and artists concepts as well as different techniques and styles. The most important recommended reading for students in art and photography is to read about their own personal interests and opinions when it comes to artists and designers capturing and developing their understanding. 

Culture is an essential part of study in art and photography at OBA. Different cultures and their art forms are regularly used as discussion points as well as being featured in our projects. The school holds a creativity evening which celebrates the work of students created during the year. This is a great opportunity to experience art, dance, drama, poetry and music in a festival-like atmosphere. 

We have a KS3 art club as well as sharing a weekly student artwork of the week. Throughout the year exhibitions of students’ artwork are used to create a gallery experience for students.  Also We try to offer trips to galleries and museums and relevant art exhibitions, always keeping our eyes peeled for local art projects. 

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