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Anti-Bullying Strategy – A Vision in progress

At Ormiston Bushfield Academy it has been agreed with both students and staff that we regard bullying as a repeated action, taken by one or more students, with the deliberate intention of hurting another student, either physically or emotionally.

Bullying is wrong and damages individual students. We therefore do all we can to prevent it, by developing an Academy ethos in which bullying is regarded as unacceptable. We aim, as an Academy, to provide a safe and secure environment where all can learn without anxiety.

This policy aims to support a consistent Academy response to any bullying incidents that may occur. All incidents are treated seriously and are dealt with quickly and efficiently following the ‘Procedures for Dealing with Bullying’ which can be found below. We aim to make all those connected with the Academy aware of our opposition to bullying and we make clear each person’s responsibilities with regard to minimising the amount of bullying in our Academy.

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At Ormiston Bushfield Academy we strive to create an ethos where all students feel valued, safe and supported to achieve their full potential. This is endorsed through our Student Code of Conduct: Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect the Environment which permeates all that we do.

We are working towards the prevention of bullying through:

  • An ethos of good behaviour where students are encouraged to treat one another and Academy staff with respect because they know that is the right way to behave
  • Raising the students’ awareness of bullying throughout the curriculum: particularly during PD lessons and assemblies
  • Promoting team work and co-operation and discussing managing positive relationships with others
  • Creating a culture where students are ‘prepared to tell’, with all classes promoting the ‘Worry Box’ and all staff prepared to provide a listening ear when needed
  • Conducting regular group discussions to ascertain the students’ view of their wellbeing and happiness in the Academy
  • Having a group of trained ‘Prefects’ who are known to all students and available to support their peers during break and lunchtimes
  • Providing adequate supervision of all Academy areas during break times and lunchtimes
  • Providing up to date training for staff to ensure all staff members understand how to implement the policy; recognise the signs of bullying and know how best to respond in each situation
  • Dedicated pastoral system where each house has a committed Head of House and House Support Assistant
  • Full and supportive Ormiston Bushfield Academy Welfare and Safeguarding Team
  • Vertical tutoring with supportive and understanding Form Tutors enabling every student to seek their full potential and be supported in doing so.

We aim to support pupils who feel vulnerable or who have been identified as potentially vulnerable through:

  • Regular work with all students through PD lessons and assemblies to create an ethos of respect and tolerance
  • ‘Prefects’ acting as peer mentors
  • Responding to all reported incidents as soon as possible
  • Regular monitoring
  • Contact with parents
  • Regular work with the Ormiston Bushfield Academy SENCO and Heads of House to identify students at risk.

Procedures for dealing with Bullying at Ormiston Bushfield Academy

If bullying is suspected we will:

  • Talk to the suspected victim and any witnesses individually
  • Talk to the student(s) suspected of bullying about what has happened (to discover why they became involved) and make it clear that this behaviour is not tolerated
  • If the student(s) suspected of bullying are found to have behaved in this way, appropriate sanction procedures will be followed (in line with the Behaviour Policy)
  • Record the behaviour in the Academy’s anti-bullying log
  • Involve all parties together to discuss the issues
  • Provide individual counselling for all students involved
  • Restorative support for all students involved as necessary
  • Inform parents and work together to achieve a mutual solution
  • Allow students time to sort things out but when necessary support children individually or together
  • Follow up with further discussions with individuals as and when appropriate.

Parents who are concerned that their child might be being bullied, or who suspect that their child may be the perpetrator of bullying, should contact their child’s Head of House immediately.

Parents have a responsibility to support the Academy’s anti-bullying policy and to actively encourage their child to be a positive member of the Academy through fostering in their children, acceptable standards of behaviour, good personal relationships and respect for others. It is also important for parents to recognise the definition of bullying defined at Ormiston Bushfield Academy as being different from other incidents of misbehaviour.

Invited parent representatives will attend the Anti-Bullying Steering Group meeting each term to provide input into how to move the Academy forward in line with the action plan.

It is the responsibility of pupils to develop positive relationships in school and to demonstrate acceptable standards of behaviour, good personal relationships and a respect for others.

Pupils should speak to an adult if they are upset by how they have been treated or if they are concerned about one of their peers. If they receive emails, texts or messages that make them feel uncomfortable, pupils should save them and show them to an adult - these messages should not be responded to.

The ‘Worry box’ is available on the school website – pupils  can  post a  note to alert staff members of any concern or worry if they find this easier than approaching a member of staff.

The Prefects are available to support their peers with any friendship conflicts or incidents of bullying behaviour. The Prefects regularly meet with the Anti-Bullying Lead to feedback any concerns and to receive help and advice with how to respond to issues.

Students are invited to tell us their views about a range of Academy issues, including bullying, by using the Student Voice. See Mrs Westrope to be considered as a candidate.

Representatives from the Mini Mentors/Academy Council attend the Anti-Bullying Steering Group meeting each term to provide input into how to move the Academy forward in line with the action plan.

The Ormiston Bushfield Academy Anti Bullying Strategy Group is lead by Mrs Joanne Daniels and Mr Leigh Drew and can be contacted via the contact staff page.

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