Curriculum Overview

The world of English is broad, diverse and exciting, full of stories and characters to learn from and love. Our English curriculum teaches students to question what they read and see, while learning to articulate their own ideas in the process. It is taught by a dynamic and enthusiastic department which is dedicated to bringing the curriculum to life through interactive lessons and various trips, such as film studio tours where books are brought to life, or visiting the battlefields of Belgium to better understand the context of our war literature.

Maths has been given a new lease of life in the digital age, providing us with many of the technologies and insights that we use in our everyday life. Our curriculum builds upon the basics taught in primary school and gives a broad understanding of the different areas of study, such as algebra, geometry and data analysis. The subject is taught by a team of passionate mathematicians who make use of various technologies and initiatives to ignite students’ desire to learn, including our very successful Timetable Rockstars competitions.

Science never stops. The department has overhauled our Science curriculum to create a seamless 11-16 programme of study. Time has been spent researching new and exciting lessons using resources provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics. We have invested in new equipment and have made sure experiment instructions are accompanied by photos, so that all of our students can pick-up the skills and methods, needed to progress, quickly and easily.

Creativity is all around us. Every day we enjoy things dreamt up by some of the world’s most creative minds. Whether we’re playing on an iPhone, or listening to our favourite band, we’re
experiencing something imagined by someone who took a leap into the creative industries.
At Ormiston Bushfield Academy, we encourage our students to have the courage to take that leap. We do that by providing them with the best support and facilities we can throughout their time with us, ensuring they leave with the confidence, competence and inspiration to succeed. Our facilities include a fully-purposed theatre, a fully equipped radio and television studio, and Apple Macs and iPads at the disposal of our students every day. Our links with the Guildhall School of Music and Drama provide extracurricular opportunities and experience outside of the creative curriculum through the Peterborough Centre for Young Musicians.

For many students, a vocational curriculum provides the balance of important skills taught in a core curriculum with the specific learning of a trade or profession. These can take the shape of lessons like Health and Social Care or Travel and Tourism, as well as Creative iMedia.
Students studying vocational curriculums often make use of our strong business links with companies like BGL, who offer work placements at their offices located in Peterborough or even Paris, and Athene Communications, a local PR company who often take on students who are looking to gain experience in the industry.

GCSE options

To find out more information about our GCSE options, read our latest options booklet in the files below: