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Geography lessons at OBA encourage students to develop their skills via discursive opportunities and engaging activities. The relevant content and clear structure gives students access to the current, dynamic and exciting world issues at local, national and global levels. The curriculum allows for innovative and diverse teaching and learning strategies that include the use of ICT via web-based resources such as GIS systems and Google earth.

Students have opportunities to undertake local fieldtrips and educational visits abroad which both engage students’ interest and enhance their understanding of Geography. The curriculum encourages independent learning skills and the use of ICT to research Geographical processes and patterns, whilst selecting relevant data and statistics in order to present their findings. Michael Palin, President of the Royal Geographical Society, stated that “geography students hold the key to the world’s problems”; a statement not to be underrated in a world continually shaken by environmental, economic, political and social events.

Geography at OBA provides students with the skills, knowledge and understanding in order to make sustainable decisions as responsible global citizens, equipping them with transferable skills that will enhance their employability. Geography further supports a variety of other subject areas; this curriculum offers a vast array of cross–curricular links between the Humanities and other subject areas.

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Ms R Money
Leader of Learning –Geography

Mr K Bartlett
Teacher of Geography

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