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Over a fascinating two year period you'll cover a spectrum of subjects which, between them, will help you make sense of the society we live in and understand the culture and identity issues which affect us all. Studying sociology offers insights into criminality, deviance, educational attainment as well as welfare and poverty. Students will spend some time developing their knowledge of politics and will see how sociology feeds into certain laws and social policies. Despite being completely new to the subject, our A level sociologists enjoy developing their knowledge of how society and the world at large works. A favourite topic by far is crime and deviance wherein students look at sections such as punishment and rehabilitation as well as gender, class and ethnic patterns in criminality.

Students are encouraged to be aware of the news and to keep track of the economic and political changes in society; indeed in our initial lessons, students download and set news alerts on their tablets! The content of the news is a regular part of our lessons. We also encourage students to develop their independent learning skills by working systematically through a structured set of extended learning tasks. OBA sociology lessons prepare students for the future, providing them with the skills and knowledge of a highly transferable subject.


Most Sociology students successfully progress onto degree courses in law, criminology, international relations, politics or teaching. Some students progress in the field of sociology itself. Sociology students not choosing university have tended to enter management trainee career paths. Sociology is a useful subject offering a range of skills valued by employers

Contact the staff

Mr G Richards
Teacher of Sociology & CTL

Mrs H Manji
Teacher of Sociology & Head of Sixth Form

  • Year 1:
    Families and Households
    Sociological research methods

  • Year 2:
    Crime and deviance
    The mass media
    Theory and methods

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