Parent Champions

We are aware that the success of your child/children whilst they are in our care is a shared success. Over the past few years a small group of parents have regularly met with a member of the senior leadership and have been able to implement change for good.

Earlier this half term our Parent Champions met. This was a great opportunity for parents to voice how they feel the Academy is supporting both their child and all the children who are a part of the Academy; and even more importantly how we can maintain and build on our success. We discussed the various ways in which the Academy keeps parents informed, and most importantly, we found out what these systems felt like from a parental point of view.

Parents were very positive about the easy availability of information about attendance, homework, and conduct points, although they raised some technical issues they had experienced, which we are now working to address.

Also discussed was the desire for some E-safety training for parents and for families. An initial overview was given of the many changes to GCSE and A-level, although there will be more detailed information available to all parents later this academic year.

It is wonderful to meet so many parents who now are able to join the Parent Champions’ evening; your comments and observations are extremely important to us and vital in our thinking as we move the Academy forward.

A short questionnaire will be sent out soon to see which topic parents would prefer to discuss at the next meeting, as well as a preferred day of the week. I have a mailing list of those who responded last time, so if you’d like to be added to that, please do get in touch. Any parents/carers who would like to join this group are more than welcome, and as always nibbles and drinks will be there to encourage the flow of debate.

Mr Christopher Bishop

  • Clear guidelines of how to interpret levels/bands
  • High standards
  • A continual drive in improving standards across the Academy
  • A firm but fair support for each child
  • To sustain and maintain the pressure
  • Annual plan for activities/events
  • Annual plan for proposed trips and an opportunity for a saving scheme
  • Work experience?
  • Coat available as a part of the uniform
  • Area to display work/share success/communicate school events at parents’evening
  • New rewards system–having a positive impact–building confidence
  • Enabling students to be involved by taking responsibility
  • Shift in discipline is positive– want to see this maintained
  • Improvements in uniform
  • Improvements in use of tutor time
  • Peer mentoring in some subjects
  • Wonderful environment
  • Communication to head of house
  • Extra-curricular opportunities
  • Performing arts
  • Postcards to parents
  • French exchange
  • Transition/integration
  • Enthusiasm
  • Children are spoken to and listened to at an appropriate level
  • Children are treated as an individual
  • Feedback on homework