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Local Offer

From September 2014 Local Authorities (LA) and schools are required to publish and keep under review information about services they expect to be available for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) aged 0-25. This is called the ‘Local Offer’.

The intention of the Local Offer is to improve choice for families and will also be an important resource for parents in understanding the range of services and provision in the local area.

Further information about the Local Offer can be found on the Peterborough City Council website.

SEND Information Report

Welcome to our SEND Information Report which is part of Peterborough City Council’s Local Offer for children and young people with Special Educational Needs. This will provide details about how we implement our policy for children and young people with SEND.

At Ormiston Bushfield Academy we recognise that all students are entitled to a quality of provision that will enable them to achieve their potential. We believe in positive intervention, removing barriers to learning, raising expectations and levels of achievement and working in partnership with other agencies in order to provide a positive educational experience for all our students including those with a special educational need or disability.

Our school recognises there are particular groups of students whose circumstances require additional consideration by those who work with them to support their SEN.

There are now four broad areas of SEND, these are:

  • Communication and Interaction
    This area of need includes children with Autism Spectrum Condition and those with Speech, Language and Communication Needs
  • Cognition and Learning
    This includes children with Specific Learning Difficulties, Moderate Learning Difficulties, Severe Learning Difficulties and Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties
    This includes any students who have an emotional, social or mental health need that is impacting on their ability to learn
  • Sensory and/or Physical Difficulties
    This area includes children with hearing impairment, visual impairment, multi-sensory impairment and physical difficulties.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please email Mr Jamie Jones to arrange an appointment

Referring a child for a SEND assessment

Please remember that a parent/carer, teacher or any other educational professional at OBA, plus of course any child them self can request an SEND assessment.
Should you wish to refer a child to our SENCO for an SEND assessment then please contact Mr Jamie Jones

A Guide to our provision

  • Ormiston Bushfield Academy Peterborough

    OBA is a secondary school for 11 – 18 years with a 6th form offering students a personalised post-16 experience where they develop an impressive academic profile and become confident, well rounded 21st Century learners. Our Nurture Group provision is designed to support students who have not reached Level 4 by the end of KS2 and provides intensive support in a small group environment.

    At the heart of everything we do is a belief that every young person has the ability to achieve great things, coupled with a desire to provide the highest standards in teaching and learning. We have high expectations of all our students and are dedicated to creating an inclusive Academy where every student can feel safe, enjoy and achieve.

    See the full SEND Provision SEND Information Report
  • Academy Ethos & Values

    Ormiston Bushfield Academy will act as a catalyst to further raising achievement in the Orton community and also make a positive contribution to the educational outcomes for the whole family of Peterborough schools. The Ormiston Bushfield Academy will create a learning environment where valuing and caring for the individual are at the centre of our priorities.

    The focus is very much on providing learning opportunities which excites, motivates and challenges students and encourages lifelong learning and an interest in the world around them. We want students to be happy and able to realise their full potential whilst demonstrating diligence, self -discipline, good manners and a concern for others.

    The Academy will take a student centered and personalised approach to learning which will recognise and value the skills and talents of each individual. The pervading culture of the Academy will be one in which every student feels that they can succeed and in which their aspiration to be lifelong learners will be supported and encouraged. In addition we believe in and are committed to the development of the whole child, nurturing their personal and social skills, sense of enquiry, as well as their resilience to face life's challenges.

    The Academy and the Ormiston Trust, its sponsor, fully endorse the academic, vocational, social and moral development of students in such a way that they emerge as independent, responsible and co-operative young people, ready to make a positive contribution.

    See the full SEND Provision SEND Information Report
  • Identification of SEN at our school

    Our school identifies special educational needs in a variety of different ways namely:
    • Primary transition including attending EHCP review meetings, observation of students in primary settings and transitions visits
    • Information provided by professionals outside school such as ASD Outreach Team, GP’s, Educational Psychologists
    • Parental concerns and/pupil self-referral
    • Detailed screening and assessments upon entry
    • Subject teachers concerns/observations
    If you have concerns your child may have special education needs please contact the SENDCO Mr Jamie Jones.

    See the full SEND Provision SEND Information Report
  • OBA has specialist provision in


    See the full SEND Provision SEND Information Report
  • How we support students with special educational needs (SEN)

    The SENDCO manages a team of dedicated and skilled teaching assistants who hold a range of qualifications and who are supported by two Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA’s) who hold a range of qualifications including NVQ Level 3.

    We also have a Specialist Nurture group Teacher who runs classes for a group of Year 7 pupils who are taught in class sizes of between 8 and 22. The provision is designed to support students who have not reached their age related expectations by the end of KS2 and provides intensive support and provision, small group and individual differentiation and consistency in a safe, supportive environment assisted by teaching assistants. We also have small classes for Year 8 students who are not yet ready to attend all mainstream classes.
    Our Specialist Teacher is also qualified to assess an individual’s entitlement to access arrangements for exams from Year 10 onwards.

    The support we put in place is dependent on the level of “need” of a student and where appropriate we adapt the learning environment.

    See the full SEND Provision SEND Information Report
  • How we adapt our teaching for students with SEN

    All staff in OBA are aware of pupil’s special educational need and are given training and strategies to use in the classroom in order to meet the students’ needs through Quality First Teaching. Effective differentiation/personalisation will enable your child to participate fully in all aspects of learning to make the best possible progress.

    See the full SEND Provision SEND Information Report
  • How we decide what resources to give to a student with SEN

    The SENDCO works in conjunction with outside professionals, teachers and TAs to determine the level of need. TA support is allocated according to the level of need and the type of provision needed, as they are no longer quantified as ‘hours of support’. This is based on discussions and guidance from the local authority. The school budget may be used to target individuals.

    We monitor the effectiveness of our SEND provision by regular monitoring, contact with Heads of House, Tutors, tracking and observations and also at Education Health and Care Plan review meetings.

    See the full SEND Provision SEND Information Report
  • How we work with parents

    In addition to the normal reporting arrangements to parents/carers, children and young people to discuss progress, to plan and review support, specific approaches and/or programmes we offer:
    • Annual review meetings, parent/carers meetings, email, parents evening
    • On-line google drive learning platform
    • Contact with tutors

    See the full SEND Provision SEND Information Report
  • Support we offer for Wellbeing

    Our school offers pastoral, medical and social support to students by:
    • Tutor who oversees the well-being of your child on a daily basis along with a Keyworker for children with EHCP’s / Statements
    • Head of House
    • House Support Assistants
    • Teaching Assistants
    • Keyworkers (children with EHCP’s / Statements)
    • Pastoral support
    • First Aider – who offers medical advice and assistance and administers medicines as authorised and directed by parents/carers
    • School Nurse
    • Student Support Officer
    • Links with outside agencies
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Assemblies
    • PCSO
    We encourage our students to contribute their views by discussing their concerns with House Support Team, student council, their tutor or year group representatives.

    See the full SEND Provision SEND Information Report

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